Commercial Kitchen Hood and Vent Cleaning

Type or Volume of Cooking / Cleaning Frequency

Systems serving solid fuel cooking operations 

Systems serving high-volume cooking operations, 
such as 24-hour cooking, charbroiling, or wok cooking.

Systems serving low-volume cooking operations 

Systems serving low-volume cooking operations such as
​churches, day camps, seasonal businesses, or senior centers.​ 
- Monthly

- Quarterly

- Semi-Annually

- Annually​​​​​​

NFPA Requirements
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires the owners of commercial eating establishments to be compliant with the NFPA 96 strict guidelines. It requires that the entire exhaust system be inspected for grease buildup by properly trained, qualified and certified personnel according to the following Table (NFPA Table 11.3)
Prince George Fire Department
The city of Prince George requires all exhaust cleaners, inspectors and service personnel to be licensed  under NFPA 96 guidelines. The Prince George fire department will follow up on certifications and keep up to date with the bylaws.

WHMIS Fall Protection
Fall arrest confined space and safe work training certifications.

POST Training - Petroleum Oriented Safety Training
Certified to do system inspections NFPA 96 - 11.4

ASTTBC certified
Certification # FP1680